Designer Death (Make Your Own Experience)


For the creative types! Do you have an idea, a torture, or a simulated death that you’ve always wanted to experience? We can help! The Director will personally work with you (email, phone calls, or even in-person meet-ups) to understand exactly what it is you want. And then our talented team of engineers, designers, lighting & sound experts, and, of course, tormentors, will make your nightmare a reality.

Some ideas from previous clientele are a blood ritual in a moonlit forest clearing, a home break-in that awakens you from a deep slumber, a bio-pharmaceutical company creating nightmarish creatures, an endurance challenge between friends where the loser pays a heavy price, an ancient ceremony disguised as a Halloween party, a vacation in a small town that hides a carnal secret, and an all-you-can-eat buffet with tormentors (yeah, we thought the last one was weird too).

You can go through this alone or invite a few friends to help distribute the costs. We are also not limited to just the LA area; we have plenty of locations and can rent plenty of others, like a forest getaway, a ski resort, or a desert shack. You also don’t need to have a fully-realized idea for an experience. We can work with just a scene, a single prop, or even a character. We’ll craft the rest.

We ask for a 200-dollar deposit, and the final cost will be determined after the full scope of the project is decided.  Once you pay, we will set up an introductory phone call or email to get more information from you. If (for some strange reason) we cannot produce your idea or we cannot come to a final agreement, we will happily refund you the initial deposit. We want your complete happiness with this experience.

Contact us today! Your death awaits.

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