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Extreme Haunt

Who we are

Fully Realized Horror

HVRTING is a Los Angeles-based immersive production team that engages audience through satirical & horror lenses while providing exclusive, personalized, and aggressive stories and experiences.

HVRTING was born from a desire to return immersive haunts to their horror roots. With a small audience and single-night experiences, the team is able to customize each and every interaction to its audience. Every experience feels personal and intimate because The Director of each experience takes time to understand the wants and needs of their participants, what scares them, and the intensity they desire. This results in a brutally aggressive and mentally visceral experience that fills the void of those looking for more consistent immersive horror.

While all shows are refracted through a horror lens, most events are fun, light-hearted experiences filled with food, drinks, and friends. As community is at the core of these experiences, the creative team often draws inspiration from the work of the contemporary experiential community, inviting other creators in to help collaborate and have their ideas reflected in a current event. They are never afraid to be bold, take a stance, and push the boundaries of immersive horror.


The Director does exactly as his name implies: he directs your experience at HVRTING. With an innate ability to craft experiences that tap into your deepest fears and make you question what is real and what is simulated, The Director is your portal into your own horror movie. The only question that remains is: Can you survive?


With finesse and foresight, The Coordinator is a master at planning and organizing experiences to optimize the level of pain. Each detail, each torture, each scream is recorded with glee. Who knew hurting people required a project manager?


Knowledgeable in all things, The Expert works with methodical precision to carry out the torture at hand. Cold and brutal, he molds you into his plaything without saying a word. The Expert’s understanding goes deeper than the manipulation of flesh and bone, he torments your soul. 



Who is The Vile? This may be our most asked question–but sadly, we don’t even know. He came highly recommended by my uncle’s barber’s tax guy, and he never takes off his mask during shows. But we do know, you should pay attention to his stories–they may be the last thing you hear before you die. 



Extreme emotionality. Frequently shifting feelings. Intense affections. Supposedly serious problems. All hallmarks of The Drama. She’ll drag you into her issues to gain your attention–but trust me, life will be more interesting with her around.


They say pain is weakness leaving the body. The Tormentor finds ways to shove it back inside of you. Her savage roars are only outmatched by their victims’ screams. She is suffering; she is torment.


You know that bag Mary Poppins carries around with her? The one that can provide her with anything? Or how about the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter? Well, that’s The Supplier. He supplies with anything we need, often anticipating our needs even before we ask. He’s a bottomless bag filled with torture toys!  


With a sharp intellect and deep independence, she questions the world around her. She’s often a distinct contrast from those around her, helping victims escape the grasp of a dangerous skin cult, resorting to kindness over violence to control, and even resisting a ceremony to summon Santa. You’ll rarely see her hvrting someone–instead, she’ll tell others exactly what makes you scream. 


Bright-eyed and optimistic, The Actress came to Los Angeles seeking stardom. However, what she found was rejection, pain, and torment. Channeling this hurting, The Actress now lures those once like her into seedy hotels and backstreet alleys to break their body and spirit.  


Rarely seen without a video camera obscuring his face, The Voyeur sees everything. He sets up multiple cameras in each event; some think it’s for safety, but others suspect its for his own dark enjoyment later that night. 

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